Who we are

We are an Open Innovation Test Bed for innovative scale-up of smart lightweight aluminium and polymer-based composite compounds and products to which companies – and more precisely SMEs – can gain access to develop, test and adopt, new lightweight, high performance, multifunctional, safe and environmentally friendly high value materials, components and structures in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

OASIS consists of 11 partners from all over Europe (including research organizations, universities and private companies) who are the facilities and services providers.

The objective of the OASIS Composites OITB is to match the needs of potential users (SMEs, start-ups, large companies, etc.) with the integrated capabilities of the members of the OITB for fulfilling the commercialisation of multifunctional lightweight composites, particularly of polymer-matrix and aluminium composites via an intermediation platform with the aim of jointly promoting and commercialising the Services Catalogue of the OITB.

We have seen demands in lightweight and high-performance materials. However, access to facilities, infrastructure and know-how is not easily available. Through OASIS,  we provide access to European manufacturing facilities with suitable inline quality control and product traceability for industrial scale production.

Therefore, the OASIS initiative provides the access to advanced manufacturing facilities enabling companies and other organisations to accelerate innovation and the uptake of products into the market.

For more information on the members of OASIS, please visit the Organisation Registry