NAPOXID Democase introduction

May 18, 2023

Read the short story of the NAPOXID Democase lead by Trixell that was selected through the OASIS Open Call:

Trixell is the only European manufacturer of radiology detectors for medical application. Facing worldwide tough competition in the portable digital radiography business, Trixell’s ambition is to improve performances by adding new features, and reducing the cost using high volumes industrial processes. This new portable X-ray detector will be sold to big medical companies like Philips Healthcare or Siemens Healthineers, and will be integrated in their complete X-ray imaging systems for hospitals.

NAPOXID project specifically addresses a new challenge regarding the mechanical architecture. Especially, some of the performances are now expected to be carried by nanotechnologies embedded in the composite parts.. The objective is also to use the OASIS’ RTM manufacturing process together with nanoenabled materials to build the demonstrator.

The NAPOXID case is using the combined services of IPC, University of Patras, Tecnalia, UCLM, Blumorpho and Tecnalia Ventures.